Here's what's buzzing around the digital coffee table: A California lawmaker wants to turn Neverland Ranch into a state park. Would you visit? Facebook users tend to be White, wealthy and more educated. Aretha Franklin gets serenaded at the dinner table. Nine states back Arizona's immigration law. And Terrell Owens has a bad "reputation."
Jul, 15, 2010


  • A California Assemblyman the state to turn Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch into a state park. Would you visit? [WSJ]
  • Aretha Franklin got to rest her vocal chords for a while when her waiter at Brasserie Ruhlmann in NYC's Rockefeller Center serenaded her. "I was impressed and pleasantly surprised," Franklin said. [Page6]
  • Facebook users seem to be wealthier, more educated and more White. Internet scholar Danah Boyd suggests that White folks began to look at MySpace as a "digital ghetto." What is that supposed to mean? [Gawker]
  • Porn Star and Tiger Woods Mistress #20, Devon James, wants Woods to take a paternity test, even thought a former DNA test revealed that a guy named Pele Watkins was probably the father of her 9-year-old son. [TMZ]
  • Nine states, including Florida, Michigan and Texas, are in support of Arizona's immigration law. [Fox]
  • Alicia Keys, Sade and Jay-Z are scheduled to perform at the annual Black Ball on September 30. The Ball will benefit Keys' charity, Keep a Child Alive. [SR]
  • The Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson downplayed the NAACP's condemnation of racism within the Tea Party movement. [AP]
  • World War II veteran and Black Medal of Honor recipient Vernon Baker passed away on Tuesday at age 90. May he rest in peace. [NYtimes
  • Homes lost to foreclosure could reach the 1 million mark in 2010. [NYDN]
  • R&B singer Dondria ("You're the One") has been added to Monica and Trey Songz' "Passion, Pain and Pleasure Tour." [SoSoDef]
  • Dr. Drew says Mel Gibson's racist outbursts are an indication of "White-out rage." During an appearance on "Larry King Live" Drew says Gibson's behavior "suggests maybe a bipolar kind of hypomania." [Radar]
  • The Gayle King Show -- a two-hour daytime radio talk show -- launched on radio stations nationwide yesterday. [GKS]
  • Jamaican reggae artist Sugar Minott died in Kingston on Saturday. He was 54. The cause of death is undetermined. Minott is remembered for songs like "Mr. DC," "Ghetto-Ology" and a cover of the Jackson Five's "Good Thing Going." [NYTimes]
  • Has Governor Patterson found Kabbalah? [Gawker]
  • Why can't Terrell Owens find a job in the NFL? AOL Black Voices says it could be his "reputation." [AOLBV]
  • Shaquille O'Neal is set to face off against Justin Bieber and Rachel Ray in the second season of ABC's "Shaq VS." [UT]
  • Our condolences go out to the friends and family of celebrated African Journalist Pius Njawe, who died at age 52 in car crash in Virginia. [NYTimes]

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