Here's the Coffee Talk for the day -- Keyshia Cole is working on her fourth album. She's got a song with Tank and is reportedly pairing up with Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Krucial Keyz and The Runners. "Predators" starring Laurence Fishburne raked in $25.3 million this weekend. People in the Gulf of Mexico are showing signs of mental illness due to the stress of the oil spill. Plus, Usher makes Beijing say "OMG."
Jul, 12, 2010


  • Just months after giving birth to her first child, Keyshia Cole is back in the studio working on her fourth album. She's said to be chopping it up with Tank, Krucial Keyz, The Runners, Kanye West and Missy Elliott. [SR]
  • "Predators," staring Laurence Fishburne, brought in $25.3 million in it's opening weekend, surpassing industry predictions. [WSJ]
  • The BP oil spill is triggering mental health issues like anxiety for a lot of people in the Gulf Coast. [Reuters]
  • Usher performed at Beijing's Wukesong Arena last night. The "OMG" singer broke it down in Chinese for fans and performed a duet with Asian pop star Wang Lihong. [PA]
  • Rihanna got an Emmy nod for her "Saturday Night Live" skit with Andy Samberg, "Shy Ronnie." [NYMag]
  • The New Black Panther Party chairman defended the organization in the midst of voter intimidation charges, which the Obama administration dropped on Friday. [Fox]
  • Sexy NY Yankee Derek Jeter paid homage to the FDNY in a promo ad for "Rescue Me." [NYP]
  • "Unchain My Heart," a Broadway Musical about Ray Charles, has been put on hold. [NYTimes]
  • Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer, can't leave the case. The judge will not accept her resignation until LiLo finds a replacement. [Fox]
  • In a radio interview, Fantasia addressed accusations that she was dating a married man named Antwaun Cook. "No, I did not break up his home," she said. "...I don't like to share my cookies and I don't like to share my man." [YBF]