Here's what's buzzing around the editorial table today. Lauryn Hill hit the stage at the Harmony Festival in California to sing a sped-up version of "Doo Wop." She slowed things down with "Turn Your Lights Down Low," and even threw in some "Fu-Gee-La" for the die-hard Fugees fans. With so solution in sight for the Gulf Coast oil spill, Louisiana called for a statewide day of prayer. Plus, could a soda pop tax lower the obesity rate in the U.S.? Here's what you had to say: Shanda commented via Facebook: "Taxing soda is not helping the main source of obesity. That's like putting a band-aid over a bullet wound." Louasia wrote Facebook: "A tax on soda will help lower the obesity rate in the U.S. just like tax on cigarettes lowered the number of cigarette-related deaths. Not."
Jun, 21, 2010

lauryn-hill-harmony-fest.jpg L. Boogie rocked the mic at the Harmony Festival in California. Check out her performance of "Turn Your Lights Down Low" and her up-tempo version of "Doo Wop (That Thing)" below. [Clutch] Obesity rates in America could drop if soda prices rise by about 35 percent. It was tested at a hospital in Boston. Soda pop sales declined by 26 percent. [Reuters] As more oil spills into the Gulf of Mexico, state senators in Louisiana have called for a statewide day of prayer on Sunday. [Fox] Jamaican tennis player Dustin Brown is the first West Indian to play at Wimbledon in 40 years. [NYTimes] Sherri Shepherd is taking the stage by storm in "Love, Loss and What I Wore." She's performing at the New York City's Westside Theatre through the end of June. [AOLBV] Katherine Jackson has a book coming up to commemorate her pop king son. She says, "Michael was so misunderstood." [Extra] Dads are feeling the effects of balancing work and family duties -- something that used to be looked at a woman's issue -- and research shows they're just as or more stressed as moms. [NYTimes] The FDA rejected flibanserin, the female answer to Viagra. Apparently, side effects outweighed the benefits of the drug. [CNN] Former Death Row records CEO Suge Knight and Kanye West squared off on Friday to discuss a Miami Beach party, which West hosted, where a gunman shot Knight in the leg, shattering his femur. "I'm disappointed," Knight said after the chat. [AP] Philadelphia's Black firefighters have settled their federal lawsuit against the city for alleged racist internet postings created by on-duty White firefighters. [PI] Billboard estimated that Michael Jackson's assets could be worth as much as $1 billion even though the King of Pop was in debt by as much as $500 million. [Billboard]