's "Wake Up Call" brings you all the stories that we're talking about in our morning editorial meeting, from Katherine Jackson moving her grandkids out of the nest, to MIA's latest controversial music video, and our favorite new beauty product. Check out the morning buzz.
Apr, 28, 2010

katherine-jackson-house.jpg Jackson-family matriarch Katherine is tired of having a full house, living with Michael's, Randy's and Jermaine's kids. She moved Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza--mother of two of Randy Jackson's sons--Donten, Randy Jr. Jaafar and Jermajesty to a San Fernando Valley condo that's also owned by the Jackson estate. [TMZ] More proof that our President is a pop-culture superstar. Hot Toys has created a new Barack Obama action figure. The only thing is he's naked. [inventorspot] In messed-up news, a White bank robber in Springdale, Ohio disguised himself as a Black man with a hollywood-style mask and went on a spree. Cops were looking for a Black man the whole time. Like our Black men really need help being profiled as criminals. Thanks, man. [Sun] Last year, the folks at NBC announced that they had canceled "Southland." Now, TNT has picked it up, ordering a third season of the Los Angeles cop show. [AP] M.I.A.'s latest political music video for her single "Born Free"--featuring SWAT teams, drugs and violence--was pulled from Youtube and is raising eyebrows. Thoughts? [CNN] We're currently obsessed with MAC's new Prep and Prime Brightening Serum. Enjoy. [MAC]