City girls who've found themselves struggling down the street with too-heavy bags of groceries will appreciate blogger Lynya Floyd's advice on how to make the most of the extra weight to help you stay in shape. Find out what Floyd's "Camping in the Concrete Jungle Philosophy" entails... For more from Lynya Floyd's blog "The Next Ten Pounds," click here. Read More: Six Ways to Burn 700 CaloriesCeleb Weight Loss: How They Did It

Lynya Floyd
Mar, 24, 2010

aa-woman-with-shopping-bags.jpg Hey Ladies! "You need a cart," my co-worker told me over the holiday. I was planning to buy my first live Christmas tree and trying to figure out whether or not I could carry it home or would need to spend extra cash to have it delivered. For those of you who aren't car-less New Yorkers, welcome to the pedestrian dilemma: "How much can I carry home?" This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis whether I'm trekking home from Target, toting bags from the grocery story, carrying food or wine to a friend's party, planning a long run in the city. What will I be able to physically carry? Yes, some New Yorkers can afford to have Fresh Direct groceries delivered to their door. (That's a splurge for me). Some get friends to drive them places. (I hate imposing). That Christmas tree? I tossed it on my shoulder and walked a quarter of a mile home. Yes, I switched shoulders.  . . twice. But it got done--without a cart. I have a camping-in-the-concrete-jungle philosophy. Take only what you can carry. Carry only what you need. So, for me, buying a cart to push my purchase home is a no-no. If I can't carry it, I've made some wrong choices--either in the bag or on my body. I thought about that Christmas tree this past weekend when I had to buy food for the world's greatest dog (mine, of course). I headed to the store, bought a 15-pound bag of food, shoved it in my knapsack, and walked half a mile home. Yes, I could've taken the bus, but I was fine with the extra exercise.  A few minutes into my trek I realized that I was carrying about as much weight now (with this 15-pound bag) as I had been before I started blogging about losing weight last year.  I had a Dreamgirl's flashback: "Heavy, baby. You got so heavy, baby." My steps were more laborious but this time I'd get to put the knapsack down and feel lighter immediately. Last year it took weeks to feel lighter. And I'm LOVING feeling lighter. It made me appreciate how far I'd come.  You don't realize how heavy those extra pounds are until you're doing dumbbell presses with 5-pound weights or even lugging an 8-pound gallon of milk home. I know I'm not alone. If you've had the experience of feeling lighter, tell us about it here!  And if you have a question about losing weight, post it here too and I'll get you an answer! Read More:


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