blogger Stephany Greene has lots to dish about New York Fashion Week and the women she's celebrating for Women's History Month. Here's just a glimpse of the fabulous people she mingled with in New York... For more from "The Politics of Style" blogger Stephany Greene. Read More: Most Stylish Black Women in History 40 Women Who Have Influenced the World The 25 Most Beautiful Black Women of All Time

Stephany Greene
Mar, 24, 2010

stephany-greene-miss-jay.jpg I have SO much to tell you about the shows at NY Fashion Week, my favorite hotel - Kimpton's Ink 48, and especially about the women I'm celebrating for Women's History Month... stephany1.jpgstephany2.jpgstephany3.jpgStephany with Michael Kors.jpgstephany4.jpgstephany5.jpgstephany6.jpgstephany7.jpgstephany8.jpgstephany9.jpgstephany10.jpgstephany11.jpg Come back for all the juicy details!!! Read More:

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