Dec, 16, 2009


Motherhood doesn't serve everyone well especially when hormones are raging. Rock-n-soulstress Kelis candidly shares the joys and perils of her pregnancy to her Twitter fam.

"I am eight months and a week!" she tweets. "I feel like I have been pregnant forever ok yeah the better part of a year! Its an eternity. Literally living in purgatory! My rib cage is being attacked by my stomach which is anialating [sic] my lungs! I want this little martian now! I can't wait the suspense is crazy."

The fashion-foward singer also admits she's no fan of frumpy or comfy maternity gear. "I have had enough! I want corsets and tight jeans and platform stilettos and I want it now! I'm so ready! P.s I hate spandex and after this baby I never wanna see a legging again! I may go on an anti american aparell tyraid[sic]!" she rants jokingly. "Only stand but so much lycra in one lifetime!"

This will be the first child for the singer who is reportedly divorcing her husband, rapper Nas.KNB

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