Dec, 16, 2009

There is a situation going on in Prince George’s County, Maryland that has a 25-member police task force rubbing their heads. Two double homicides have already occurred in the area where mothers and their daughters were killed. Both cases involved Black women. Karen and Karissa Lofton were shot in January and now Deloris and Ebony Dewitt’s bodies were discovered less than a half mile away from where the Lofton’s were murdered, according to the Washington Post. One body was found in the back seat of a burning car and the other in the trunk. It’s got local residents feeling that Black women are being targeted and there may be a serial killer to blame. The physical evidence available so far doesn’t link to the two crimes but police investigators are not ruling out the possibility. The task force comprised of senior investigators and detectives are working in shift, around the clock to solve the case.

Have you seen an increase in crime in your neighborhood ? Do you think it’s tied to the economy?

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