Our Street Style Closet Crush Award-winner goes through four of our favorite of her Instagram looks.[MUSIC] Hi Essence fam. I'm here with Tracee Ellis Ross. And we stole her off the set of her new show, Black-ish, which premieres in the fall. September 24th. So I know you guys are all gonna check it out. So we wanted to talk to her about her. Style. You are pretty much a fashion icon already. I think that's hilarious. No I, no it's very nice. Thank you. What inspires you? For me like dressing is like one of the ways I express myself. I really choose my clothing what I'm gonna buy, what I'm gonna wear by what makes my heart. Like what makes me feel good, what makes me feel sexy, what makes me feel beautiful, what makes me feel powerful, what makes me feel effortless, what makes me feel soft, what makes me feel feminine. Essence chose their top four Instagram looks that I have posted. Yeah. And that's what we have behind me. It's a Catherine Malandrino dress. The cool thing about this dress is, I rarely show my upper thigh. But, this dress, I actually thought looked really good. Uh-huh. It's got a pleated leather. Leather was very in. Crazily enough, you guys chose two short dress situations. Yes. This is not a dress, what's coming up. Do you know what this is? Don't tell me it's a dress. This is a Kanye West t-shirt. Stop it. From his concert. That I asked if he would give to me, in a men's size. It's a men's large. It's the Kanye West tour tee shirt. [LAUGH] And it's, come on. That is amazing. Yeezus, Yeezus tour. This is what I wore. Anyway, so, my Yeezus tour tee shirt. And now you're ready for the kicker with this. Yes. So I am not always a fan. Like, you know? I wanted to give it a little something. Mm hm. A little [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, yeah. Add a little spice to it. So what did we do? [MUSIC] Valentino boots over the knee. The last 2 looks. Mm hm. Are some of my favorite of all time looks. The base look for this is this dress, which is from college. Beautiful dress. It is a Norma [UNKNOWN]. I went through a phase. Mm hm. Where I loved a bias cut maxi-dress. And so, this. It's from Girlfriends! We love Girlfriend's. [NOISE] I saw this on Girlfriends. [LAUGH] It's a beautiful wire [UNKNOWN] jacket, don't look at the bad parts. I had it dry cleaned and the lining like shrunk a little bit. Wow. So I just pulled it and ripped it. And you ripped it. And I was like leave it. But it still fits perfectly. And it fits perfectly. I wear my clothes, OK. Listen to me! Tracey wears her clothes. I wear my clothes! My mother told me when I was young, you spend money on something, you take care of it, you can wear it forever. Take it over the edge with this! Now let me tell you about this, Uh-huh. The party that I went to Okay Pharrell was there, with Helen, hottest couple ever, style coming out of their ears Mm-hmm Nose. Just every pore. [LAUGH] So I'm standing there. I say hello to them, and I feel a kick on my Tim, right in the front, I feel a kick. Who kicked you? Pharrell kicked my Tim. He liked the Tim. He looked at me, I looked at him. He said, nice. And I was like, oh, he said nice. [LAUGH] now you [INAUDIBLE] I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. So as, as I said, every once in a while you spend some money on a great piece. Well, I spent some money on a beautiful white [UNKNOWN] cape. A cape. So. You can never go wrong with a cape. No. You can only go right, with a cape [CROSSTALK] You can only go right. I was like, what do you wear. With your [INAUDIBLE] cape. I was like, oh. You wear that with your [INAUDIBLE] cape, and then I put it with my old [INAUDIBLE] wooden cloggy shoes, and then there is the swinging picture. Which was taken by Terry. Uh-huh, uh-huh. He takes a great Instagram picture, he takes a great picture, he's a great photographer. How many shots? Terry, I he could've taken millions. [LAUGH] I swear to God. He was like walk, walk, swing, swing, swing, walk. I was like you're embarrassing me. He's like keep moving, keep moving, they're great. And that picture was fantastic. And you got the perfect photo. I got the perfect photo. Get out.

Sep, 05, 2014

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