'Martin' Actor Tommy Ford Dead At 52

Fans, family and the Hollywood community are mourning the passing of Tommy Ford.

'Martin' star Thomas Mikal Ford has passed away at age 52.

The actor was reportedly recovering from knee surgery when he suffered a ruptured aneurysm and fell into “a state of unconsciousness” on Wednesday afternoon at an Atlanta hospital, according to TMZ reports.

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As we initially reported, Ford's wife Gina confirmed that he was on life support after fellow actor and comedian Anthony Anderson sent out a tweet suggesting that Ford had passed before later deleting it. Actor Martin Lawrence also posted a message on his Instagram after learning of Ford's hospitalization.

Other celebrity friends also spoke out to quiet the rumors and ask for prayers on social media, as Ford continued to fight for his life.

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Family members reportedly made the difficult decision to turn off the life support late Wednesday afternoon, as Ford's health continued to decline.  He spent his last moments surrounded by love ones.

He will truly be missed.

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