Police Officer Tackles, Punches Black Man Accused Of Jaywalking 

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The police officer involved was placed on paid administrative leave for his actions.


Posted by Naomi Montaie on Monday, April 10, 2017


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Video footage has emerged of a police officer tackling and repeatedly punching a Black man in Sacramento, California for what he called an unlawful crossing of the street.

The pedestrian, identified as Nandi Cain Jr. was given verbal commands by the uniformed officer to stop, but according to police reports, he ignored the instructions and continued to jaywalk. Department officials claim Cain challenged the officer to a fight, but Cain insists he simply removed his jacket to show that he was unarmed.

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The video appears to show the two men facing each other before Cain removes his jacket and tosses it on the ground. The officer then tackles him to the ground and repeatedly punches him before additional officers emerge and Cain is subsequently handcuffed.

Cain does not appear to resist throughout the confrontation.

Cain was booked for resisting arrest but the charge was later dropped due to insufficient evidence, the Huffington Post reports. Cain told reporters that he was in fear of his life during the confrontation.

The Sacramento Police Department did not release the officer's name, but they did reveal that he is a two-year member of the department. He is reportedly on paid administrative leave and will subjected to a criminal investigation.

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