Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Slams Melania Trump For Almost Identical CNN And Fox Interviews 

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“At least she’s only plagiarizing herself now — so that is progress," said Noah.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah came after Melania Trump on his show Tuesday following her recent media spree defending her husband.

The Republican presidential nominee has been embroiled in scandal ever since the leaked Access Hollywood tape of him speaking crudely about sexually assaulting women, coupled with growing accusations from women over the years.

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Comparing the twin interviews Melanie Trump gave to Fox News and CNN Monday, Noah made fun of how similar the two were, and how strongly the GOP nominee’s wife stuck to her talking points.

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“In case you were wondering why it took Melania ten days from the Billy Bush tape to speak out, from the looks of it, she was using that time to practice her lines,” he joked.

Her answers, when compared side-by-side, are eerily similar.



“Look on the bright side,” the South African comic said. “At least she’s only plagiarizing herself now — so that is progress.”

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