Russell Simmons On Trump's Anti-Semitic Remarks: 'He Said Some Things That Were Hurtful'

Photo by Paul Zimmerman/2016 Paul Zimmerman
The media mogul opens up about visiting a mosque with the former television personality.

Donald Trump's campaign has been on a downward spiral since it began.

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Xenophobia, racism, and claims of sexual assault and misconduct have battered Trump's image and now Russell Simmons is stepping forward to share his experience with the presidential candidate.

According to Simmons, whom he's known for almost three decades, Trump has said things that "seemed a little racist," Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic.

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On Friday, during an interview with Fortune, Simmons recounted visiting a mosque with Trump about "five or six" years ago. "[Trump] was very kind when he met the imam, but he had said some things that were hurtful," he said. While Simmons didn't go into specifics, he did add that he heard some anti-Semitic comments. 

The media mogul said that he'd "laugh off things [Trump] said that were off-color and didn’t represent my viewpoints," adding that at the time, Trump was just a businessperson and entertainer, which is why he didn't take the remarks too seriously.

"He’s a very likable person. I just don’t think he is a suitable person for the presidency," he concluded.

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