Louisiana Man Sets His Wife On Fire After Dousing Her With Hairspray During Argument

A disturbing incident out of Baton Rouge left a woman hospitalized with severe burns.

A Louisiana woman has been left brutally injured after an argument with her husband turned violent.

Police arrested 28-year-old John Emmett Harleaux on charges of felony domestic abuse battery by burning, after he set his wife on fire during a heated exchange on Tuesday, CBS News reports. According to police reports, Harleaux's wife said he began dousing her with hairspray as they were arguing and later attacked her with a lighter when she went to call her mother in the midst of the confrontation.

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Mrs. Harleaux reportedly suffered second and third-degree-burns on her arm, shoulder and back.

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The disturbing incident is unfortunately one of many this year in which women have been subjected to violent, and sometimes fatal, retaliation from men during a disagreement or outright refusal to engage with them.

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