Black Sheriff Candidate Targeted With Racist KKK Graffiti On Campaign Sign 

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KKK supporters take aim at Kansas Police Chief LeRoy McConico.

An African-American sheriff candidate in Kansas has been targeted by racist vandals.

Linn County Police Chief LeRoy McConico says his campaign signage being tampered with isn't anything new, but when he noticed that one of signs was riddled with "KKK" graffiti, it understandably hit a different nerve.

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"There’s some people that just got some dark hearts,” Monico told The Kansas City Star. “They saw an opportunity to do something in the dark.”

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Despite his disappointment with the racially-offensive vandalism, 70-year-old Chief McConico insists that the incident doesn't reflect the environment of the Linn County community as a whole. "This is a very good county, a good place to live in,” he said. “The people are very, just awesome, awesome people. My family, we have enjoyed living here. We’re not going to let nothing like that defer what we believe and how we feel.” The most recent census findings report an African-American population of just 1 percent in Linn County.

The Linn County Sherrif's office is currently investigating the incident.

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