How Black Millennials Are Killing It In The Digital World

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Black twenty-somethings are leading the pack in the digital world  

If you ever thought Black Twitter was a game, you were sadly mistaken. 

According to a new report led by Nielsen, Black millennials are killing it digital technology, digital activism and more. 

The report, titled “Young, Connected and Black: African-American Millennials Are Driving Social Change and Leading Digital Advancement,” says engagement within the group tops the charts, especially concerning social justice and equality. The report is the sixth annual study by Nielsen focusing on Black consumers.

Education key stats from the report include:

-High school dropout rates declined from 21% to 16% between 04 and 14 for AA.
-71% of AA high school graduates enrolled in college (compared to just 67% of White Americans)
-Black women are leading the US in education and are far outpacing Black males (65% of Bachelors degrees, 70% of Masters, 64% of Doctorates.

In terms of social media (thanks to the rise of the ever popular Black Twitter):

African-Americans are using social media to raise awareness of the situation of the Black community in American society. Examples cited are the #blacklivesmatter; #oscarssowhite; and #bankblack movements.

In addition: 

-55% of Black millennials say they spend an hour or more daily on social networking sites; 11% higher than the total millennial population.
-29% of Black millennials say they spend three or more hours daily on social media; that’s 44% higher than that of the total millennial population.
-64% of Black millennials agree that they expect the quality of video on their mobile phone to be as good as that on their TV (21% higher than the total millennial population).
-64% of Black millennials agree they like to keep their personal internet pages updated.
-Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are the most common social networking sites with strong black membership among all ages.

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And don’t expect to catch Black millennials with a flip phone. When it comes to devices, a whopping 91 percent of Black millennials owning smart phones—coming in second to Asian-Americans at 94 percent—they are also 25 percent more likely than all millennials to say they are among the first of their social or work circle to try new tech products. #GameChangers

Best of all we’re not sitting in the back of the (tech) bus anymore. The report found that 74% of Black Millennials often find themselves in a leadership position (14% higher than the total population, respectively).

Regarding the looming election, African-Americans “had the highest rate of voter registration and voter turnout of any demographic group in the U.S,” a trend Nielsen expects to continue.  No surprise here, Black millennials are the most optimistic group about the future of America (49% say the country is headed in the right direction verses 45% of Hispanics, 42% of Asians and just 23% of Whites). 

If this report isn’t proof that we’re winning and paving the way for future generations, we don’t know what is. Check out the full report here

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