79-year-old Great-Grandmother Graduates From College: 'Education Is The Key'

Photo by Paul Marotta
Lucy Capers graduated with a degree in computer science.

Lucy Capers is a new college graduate, forever part of the University of Maryland’s class of 2017.

Capers is also 79-years-old.

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The great-grandmother of 13 walked the stage to receive her diploma in computer science last week.

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“I always had a desire to know things,” she told WJLA-TV. “Education is the key. Just having that knowledge is everything.”

Capers started taking classes after she retired from working for the federal government, earning herself two associates degrees before finally getting her bachelor’s degree. She is now the second person in her family to graduate from college.

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“Maybe if I finish this will be more amazing to them,” she said. “You know, and they would say, 'If Grandma could do it, we could do it!'” 

Congratulations on the amazing achievement!

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