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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girlfriends: Our Favorite TV Sitcom BFFs

TV Sitcom Girlfriends We LoveSitcom Girlfriends We Love to WatchGood girlfriends are hard to find, in real live and on television. Every once in a while the sitcom gods bring together a magical set of ladies and we delight in all of the perfectly timed, side-eyes, mmm hmmms and girrrl let me tell you somethings. From "227's" Sandra and Mary to "House of Payne's" Ella and Claretha we're celebrating the TV girlfriends that always reminded us of ourselves.Denise, Jaleesa and Maggie on "A Different World"In the beginning, things didn't go so smoothly between Denise Huxtable — the Hillman-bound daughter of Claire and Heathcliff — and Jaleesa Vinson Taylor — the divorced 25-year-old college freshman. But soon Maggie Lauten's — the only White female student in the dorm — quirky personality balanced the two out and these three were inseparable. At least until season two of "A Different World."Mary, Rose, Sandra and Pearl on "227"Mary Jenkins, Rose Lee Holloway, Pearl Shay and Sandra Clark ruled the stoop of building 227 on a middle class neighborhood street in Washington D.C. We laughed at Sandra and Mary's love-hate relationship and Pearl's daily gossip.Laura Winslow and Maxine Johnson on "Family Matters"Maxine Johnson was the best friend Laura Winslow could always count on to sneak out and meet guys with and to come clean to Laura's parents with. They got into their normal teenage but they remained true friends. Laura even hooked maxine up with her brother Eddie's BFF Waldo.Florida Evans and Willona Woods on "Good Times"Don't you wish your best friend could live right next door to you sometimes. Florida Evans and Willona Woods had it good, always able to run over to each other when they were in need or just wanted to share some neighborhood gossip.Ella Payne and Claretha Jenkins on "House of Payne"When we retire we hope to be like Ella Payne and Claretha Jenkins, always meeting up in Ella's kitchen to drink coffee, talk about men and neighborhood happenings. We love that they don't let Ella's husband Curtis' dislike for Claretha come between their special relationship.Khadija, Synclaire, Regine and Maxine on "Living Single"Every young woman born before 1985 was wrapped up in the exploits of our magazine editor Khadija James, her cooky cousin Synclaire James-Jones, their self-absorbed roomie Regine and their loudmouthed lawyer downstairs neighbor Maxine Shaw. These ladies embodied what being single in a big city was like in the 1990s, seeing each other through ups and downs in their careers and relationships, all the time strengthening their unbreakable bond.Louise Jefferson and Helen Willis on "The Jeffersons"George always made comments about Helen and her husband Tom Willis' interracial marriage, but Weezie didn't let lat stop her from hanging out with Helen. We love that Helen didn't take George's talk, often retaliating with jokes about his height. These ladies love each other and even ended up volunteering together at a service center in later seasons.Gina Waters-Payne and Pamela James on "Martin"You know your BF's a winner when she and your man can't stand each other and she still decides to stick by your side. Pam endured all of Martin's mean jokes to hang with her girl, Gina.Moesha Mitchell, Kim Parker and Niecy Jackson on "Moesha"What 90's sitcom embodied female teenage angst better than "Moesha?" Mo and her girls Kim and Niecy were either cracking jokes in their high school's student center, chasing boys or trying to get themselves out of a jam without involving their parents.Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni on "Girlfriends""Girlfriends" was "Living Single" 2.0. sprinkled with a little "Sex and the City."Besties Joan Clayton, Toni Childs, Lynn Searcy and Maya Wilkes all had strong personalities that every modern woman could identify with. They enjoyed their fabulousity together and were there to hold each other up when things were looking down or to tell their girls to snap out of it.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Girlfriends: Sisters We Love

Sisters We LoveSister SisterNot many friendships can compare to the connection that sisters share. A sister is your best friend. She's shared almost every experience with you and she knows you better than you know yourself. As we kick off our new girlfriends series we thought it only right to celebrate the strongest friendships out there by highlighting our favorite celebrity sisters...Serena and Venus WilliamsWe love them because they made it possible for little Black girls to dream of being number one.Janet, LaToyaand Rebbie JacksonWe love them because they have held it together despite the adversity and the media glare.Mary MaryWe love them because they remind us that the God in us is the only key to true happiness.Anastasia and Tatyana AliWe love them because their first collaborative project together, "Buppies," was fun and cool, like them.Angela and VanessaSimmonsWe love them because they didn't just take their father's money and blow it. They are creating their own empire with their fabulous clothes, bags and shoe designs.The Delany SistersWe love them because the Delany sisters are extraordinary women who have inspired millions with their amazing story about thriving through great obstacles.Solange and Beyonce KnowlesWe love them because we know they would go to the end of the earth for each other.The Clark SistersWe love them because when our spirits get down we can rely on their gospel music to lift us back up.Sasha and Malia ObamaWe love them because they are healthy examples for our young girls today.Phylicia Rashad and Debbie AllenWe love them because they are forever supporting each other.Regina and Reina KingWe love them because they are our acting royalty.Julia and Jennifer HudsonWe love them because they are each other's back bone.Tia and Tamara MowryWe love them because they are young and unstoppable.Tasha and Sidra SmithWe love them because they are an artistic duo.Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Chudney Lane Silberstein, Mother, Tracee Ellis RossWe love them because the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. All are gifted and talented just like their mother.Mariel, Zoe and Cisely SaldanaWe love them because they are each other's biggest cheerleaders.Rashida and Kidada JonesWe love them because the Jones girls have their own special brand of talent.Lisa Raye and Da BratWe love them because they express themselves in their own kind of way.Aoki Lee Simmons and Ming LeeWe love them because they are super fabulous!Yolanda and Bernice KingWe love them because they carried forth the dream.Dionne and Dee-Dee Warwick We love them because their gifts of melody have given us so much pleasure.Mary J. Blige and LaTonya Blige-DaCosta We love them because through thick and thin they are always there for each other.The Pointer SistersWe love them because they are still moving and grooving.Dorothy and Vivian DandridgeWe love them because they were two class acts.The Pace SistersWe love them because they epitomize the phrase keeping it in the family.Cherelle and Marvet BrittoWe love them because Marvet is always bragging about spending time with her gorgeous sister, Cherelle.Diana Ross and Dr. Barbara Ross  We love them because both are gifted in their own right and celebrate each other's success.Coco and BreezyWe love them because they make original fashion statements.Sister SledgeWe love them because they were one of the best female groups of their era.The Peters SistersWe love them because they were international sensations back in the day.LaTocha and TamekaWe love them because they gave us some beautiful love songs during their Xscape days.Sommore and Nia LongWe love them because they keep us smiling.The Gibbs SistersWe love them because they used their artistic minds to create the popular animation "Adopted By Aliens: The Animated Series."The EmotionsWe love them because they blessed us with their voice and heart.The Winans SistersWe love them because they are a beautiful example of placing family first.The Payne SistersWe love them because they were gold standard entertainers.Kim and Alexis Fields    We love them because they keep it real.Aretha and Erma Franklin We love them because they rocked our world.The Braxton SisitersWe love them because they are so stunning.