Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: Groom and Friends Nail The 'Best Man Holiday' New Edition Dance Routine

Move over, New Edition!

No one can deny that New Edition's classic R&B jam "Can You Stand The Rain" is one of the greatest love songs ever made and The Best Man Holiday is one of the best romantic comedies of our time. Recent groom Fred Tessier agrees, and through finding inspiration in both classic, he knew just what to do to show his bride, makeup artist Daurisa Tessier, that the love is real.

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During their wedding reception,  Tessier and his groomsmen took to the dance floor to give his new Mrs. the surprise of a lifetime -- a  choreographed dance routine to the 1988 classic cut that was straight out of a scene from Best Man Holiday.  The fellas proved that they are definitely the new New Edition and even took the ritual of removing the bride's garter belt to a whole new level.

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Don't think the fun stopped there Tessier and his boys. When they left the dancefloor, the squad photos they posed for were just as epic as their dance moves.

One thing is for sure, Tessier definitely gave his bride a moment to remember, and they were both picture perfect!


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