Are 'Married At First Sight' Stars Sheila Downs And Nate Duhon Still Together?

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Decision night detailed the fate of the couple's union.

Decision night on Lifetime's Married At First Sight arrived and we finally found out if couple Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon are still working on their happily ever after. 

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In the season finale of the show, which aired on Thursday night, the viewers are happy to learn that the two are still together. 

Not exempt from their fair share of problems including issues with Duhon's disapproval of him marrying a complete stranger, both Sheila and Nate were admitted that their faults contributed to their issues but they were equally devoted to making their marriage work. 

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"Today is decision day technically," begins Nate. "but decision day was the day I said 'I Do' but you trapped baby, I ain't going nowhere."

During the series, Sheila, a 31-year-old director of operations for a Chicago school district, took Nate's last name as an act of good faith in their union. Nate was over the moon about his wife's name change calling her decision, "one of the best gifts she could ever give me."

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Married at First Sight fans will see the couple on the series once more as they join the reunion special which will air next Thursday August 3 at 8:30 on Lifetime.


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