Ask An OBGYN: ‘Is It Normal For My Discharge to Stain My Underwear?’

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An expert talks the norm of vaginal discharge. 

Finally, we're bringing you very public answers to some of your most private questions. When sexual and vaginal health concerns arise, OB/GYN and nationally known women's health expert Dr. Jessica Shepherd wants to ensure you have the answers you need to feel at ease. As the founder of Her Viewpoint, an online women's health forum, she uses this outlet to focus on addressing taboo topics in a comfortable setting.

Q: Is It Normal For My Discharge to Stain My Underwear?

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“Normal” discharge is going to be different for everybody. Normal usually are a clearer consistency. It's not necessarily severe. There's no odor. That's important. It's doesn't cause any burning or irritation.

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When it's abnormal, you should see a doctor. If it's new to what is your normal, then that should see please schedule an appointment with your gyno. Women should know their body so well, they know what's normal to them and everyone's normal is not going to be the same. My normal is different from your normal. Anything outside what your usual parameters should be an indicator that it's time to see someone. If there's an odor, if there's blood associated with it, that's typically not what you have. If you've had a new sex partner and you noticed this after, then that's That can be normal. Discharge is not necessarily. It can be clear as it comes out, but it can also change color as it solidifies.

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So, the difference is here the makeup of discharge is a lot of electrolytes and secretions, but again appear clear when you see it maybe wipe with a tissue. As it dries you will notice that it possibly appear as white and that can be okay. Now, if that amount changes in consistency or amount or appearance, then that's when you really need to evaluate if there is a change in your discharge that you talk to a doctor for. 

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