What You Should Do If You Discover Your Husband Is Emotionally Cheating

Intimacy intervention columnist Abiola Abrams drops some gems on ESSENCE's "Yes, Girl" Podcast on how to handle emotional issues in a marriage and more.

Have you ever discovered your significant other or spouse hasn't exactly been faithful? Cheating doesn't always been sexually and sometimes the emotional infidelity can be far worse. 

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On this week's episode of ESSENCE first ever podcast, "Yes, Girl," Intimacy Intervention columnist Abiola Abrams delves into how social media plays a big part in the new wave of emotional cheating. The in-house sexpert and Senior Digital Love and Relationships Editor Charli Penn keep it real about how to tackle this facet of love.

"The best predictor of future behavior is past bevaior," Abiola admits. "Our intuition is so important. We are the only animal that doesn't trust our instincts."

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Doing due dilligence in relationships means being honest, open and forthcoming about faults, failures and the prospect of the future. 

"When someone is unable to be introspective and say, 'you know what honey, I messed up this is really bad behaviour.' That is one of like the horse men for the end of a relationship. The fact that a partner is unable to take responsibility. Grown folks take responsibility."

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