These Stunning Paintings are a Beautiful Reminder That Summer Isn’t Over yet

We can’t believe that it’s already August and that fall is right around the corner. But before you start mourning the loss of summer, take a look at these stunning illustrations by Erin Robinson — aka BrooklynDolly — for a beautiful reminder that there are plenty more warm days ahead. Robinson’s bright and colorful paintings of swimsuit-clad black women soaking up the sun are just what we need to keep us in a summertime state of mind. And it’s no surprise that the New York City-based artist is actually a fashion designer by trade — we literally want to wear every bathing suit, headscarf and pair of sunglasses she paints. Click through the gallery and take a look for yourself! And make sure to visit the BrooklynDolly website for more pretty paintings./giphy pray
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