How-To Style Your Guy: Fall Fashion Sweater Weather

Photo by Wendi Kaminski
Fellas, this post is for you.

Ladies, have you ever wondered why your man chooses the wrong things to wear at the most important times? Or maybe he's just missing the mark when it comes to his personal style. Well never fear ESSENCE is here -- and we're bringing you some cool, hip and trendy ideas that will help ger the men in your life into fashionable formation.

For this first edition, let’s take it slow and help ease him into an outfit that he’s already used to: jeans and a t-shirt. But let's ditch the baggy-oversized jeans, and put him in a tapered pair of cargo pants, some cool sneakers and a fashionably loud sweater! 

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Here, Diddy shows us how it’s done -- wearing a stylish, yellow sweater, a plain, white tee, classic blue jeans and a pair of sporty sneakers.

we’ve added a celeb male factor to the page, so that he can actually see, just how EASY the change-up is! It doesn’t require him to do too much, or go out and break the bank… he can start simple, and work his way up the fashion ladder. Check them out! 

Like what you see? Here's how you can snag the look...

To buy: Tommy Hilfiger yellow knit sweater, $99.50. 

To buy: Junk Food Clothing “Jimi Hendrix” tee, $30. 

To buy: ASOS “Super Skinny” jeans, $56. 

To buy: Konus “Hybrid Wingtip” shoe, $230. 

To buy: The 5TH “Tokyo Fuyu” watch, $95. 

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