Countess Vaughn’s Big Chop Is A Reminder Of How Damaging Lacefront Wigs Can Be

Photo by Mimi Haddon
“I know I’m cute with hair or without it," the charismatic actress declared on Instagram.

Coveted for creating the illusion of a realistic hair line (with baby hair to boot), lacefront wigs are a go-to for many Hollywood actresses. The faux mane leaves room to change hairstyles without having to disturb or style the natural hair underneath.

And while these desirable hair units are super convenient, the long term effects aren't so glamorous. 

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In 2014, actress Countess Vaughn opened up on the TV show Doctors about the damaging effects lacefront wigs have had on her scalp, which include discoloration, peeling of the skin and hair loss.

You can see the interview in full here: 

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Now, after years of concealing her natural hair, the lacefront wig devotee has a fresh new look. Vaughn posted this picture to her Instagram after making the big chop, writing, “I know I’m cute with hair or without it.”

To that, we say “true!" We love your new look Countess!



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