Solange's 'Don't Touch My Hair' Is The Anthem We've Been Waiting For

Photo by YouTube
The video, co-directed by Knowles and Alan Ferguson, is a filled to the brim with braided crowns, wavy locks and finger waves galore! 

From the moment we saw the words "Don't Touch My Hair" in the tracklisting for Solange Knowles' album A Seat At The Table, we knew this song would be a standout favorite. We've seen several cases of natural hair being policed in school and the workplace, so to say this anthem is right on time would be an understatement. 

The lyrics are a beautiful reflection of how our locks are intertwined with our rich history and subsequently, bear a special significance that goes beyond our outward appearances. 

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For the song's accompanying visuals, co-directed by Alan Ferguson, Solo effortlessly captures that mindset with a collection of moving images that include a set of drop dead gorgeous hair looks.

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Finger waves never really went out of style, but this moment shared by Solo and one of her male co-stars displays the enduring versatility of this go-to look. 

Once we saw these four beautiful men in formation, sporting glorious waves, our appreciation for this video hit new levels. 

As it turns out, that Patrice Rushen tribute we obsessed over last week was actually a sneak peek for the already iconic video. Beaded braids are sure to trend this season. 

Our braided crown dreams have been realized! Blink and you'll miss this mane moment that certainly added an extra dose of "umph" to Solo's hair anthem. 

And like the equally breathtaking "Cranes In The Sky" clip, Solo and her band of ladies come together for a collective hair look that we'd gladly freeze frame forever. 


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