The 'Fellas In Headwraps' Twitter Movement Cannot Be Ignored

Photo by @Mule_McNeil/ twitter
Before you take his hoodie, make sure your scarf is out of plain sight. 

This weekend, in the midst of drinking water and minding my business, another viral Twitter movement picked up steam.

According to a hilarious 'Moments' thread compiled by Huffington Post, it all started with user @mute_mcneil, who proposed that for every hoodie a woman takes, men should retailiate by taking their headwraps. 

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And if that weren't enough, he took it one step further by posting a photo of his new look.

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Admittedly, I've snagged a hoodie or two from past relationships, so this type of bargain would be annoyingly effective. Noone comes between me and my headwraps; they're part of the natural girl holy grail, next to edge control and satin bonnets. 

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As it turns out, one man's lightbulb moment is another man's treasure because before we knew it, fellas came out the woodwork with skills we didn't know existed. 

This dude has clearly been practicing. 


And this guy turned his into a scrunchie. One word: skills. 

Someone likes their headwraps with a designer label. 

And my personal favorite, a head wrap that is probably a king sized bed sheet:

Slay on fellas...and hide your scarves, ladies. 

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