Accessories are the life line of fashion. Just think how dreadfully dull fashion would be without all the accouterments we wear to liven up our ensembles. A dress, even a red carpet worthy frock, is simply a dress until you give it your own personal touch. The easiest way to put your stamp on a piece is through accessories. The right jewelry or shoes have a way of making any outfit come to life. Nevertheless, picking the wrong accessories can be fashion suicide, so paying attention to the small details should be just as important as picking out the perfect dress. Evenings were made for accessories. It’s probably the only time of the day, depending on the occasion, when feather trimmed stilettos are appropriate, so have fun and go bold when it comes to accessorizing your after-dark looks. With the right accessory, you can take one dress and wear it countless of ways from sophisticated chic to vampy based on your accessories. To help you complete your red carpet look for that special night out, we’ve unearth some serious gems that are bound to turn heads.

Feb, 23, 2010

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