Hot Hair: Pretty Mess

We don't know about you, but we hardly have time to throw on mascara and gloss in the morning, let alone construct an elaborately perfect hairdo. But we have good news, on-the-go girls. One of this season's hottest trends is messy chic hair! We're not talking grungy-messy (dirty, unkempt hair is obviously gross) -- its more about a tousled, delicately mussed, bedhead imperfection. If you're rocking an updo, let a few face-framing tendrils escape. If you're sporting long waves, run a styling wax between your fingers and rough it up a bit. The goal is to look like you just had a brilliant, um, tumble in the hay! From Thandie Newton's wind-whipped waves to Selita Ebanks teased upsweep, here are the hottest messy chic styls.
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