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  1. @essencefest: Twirl, @EstelleDarlings! Twirl! Celebs WERKED our photo booth: http://t.co/yJu3aRSE6l http://t.co/tjtF6CdU3z
  2. @essencefest: Congrats: Nas receives an award from Harvard University: http://t.co/hrRkMCCIAS http://t.co/QmuFRxeQmr
  3. @essencefest: Help us decide which sponsor brought their A-Game to this year?s Festival. Vote now: http://t.co/NyeFh8SN3l http://t.co/bodHF8R6wh
  4. @essencefest: RT @essencemag: Watch @maryjblige, @TherealTaraji & @kerrywashington have a dance party in one epic commercial http://t.co/NgVpgNOF9u http:?
  5. @essencefest: RT @essencemag: 5 Reasons @MeaganGood is a #BossChick in new show #MinorityReport: http://t.co/o8iDAytPHS http://t.co/bUqMMlq5wg
  6. @essencefest: Join NBMBAA for an evening celebrating your school as we kick off this year's conference in Orlando on September 23rd http://t.co/9ab8gzNAEy
  7. @essencefest: .@MS_HUMMINGBIRD is back with a new single, "Won't Hurt Me." http://t.co/vFx4bxKMbs http://t.co/jsedGFldfB
  8. @essencefest: TODAY pick up your essence merchandise at the block party under the Dumbo Archway! We're out here!

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