ESSENCE and Prince partner to empower young minds and transform our future through #YESWECODE.

The #YesWeCode Hackathon will bring together nearly 200 of the tech industry's brightest developers, designers, and influential business professionals working alongside 50 high potential youth to solve problems with the goal of transforming their neighborhoods into thriving communities where everyone experiences success regardless of race, gender, abilities or other factors.

Our focus is to provide an encouraging and electrifying environment where everyone works together to build great apps centered around education, environmental sustainability, restorative justice, music/entertainment, and health/wellness. At the end of #YesWeCode Hackathon, participants will walk away with a sense of accomplishment, inspired by experiencing what is possible when brilliant people get together to solve problems.

Qeyno Labs is powering the hackathon, in partnership with #YesWeCode. Learn more about how to participate at www.yeswecodehack.com


Positive Space participant Melvin Miller

One organization that will be featured in the Tech Village is Positive Space – a nonprofit co-working space in New Orleans dedicated to increasing the college attendance and graduation among low-opportunity students through the fundamentals of programming.


One organization that will be featured int he Tech Village is BLUE1647 -- a nonprofit innovation center in Chicago that teaches youth to create, innovate, and problem solve using technology. BLUE1647 teaches hardware and software development and 3D printing.

The Level Playing Field Institute

One organization that will be featured in the Tech Village is The Level Playing Field Institute. Based in Oakland, CA, The Level Playing Field Institute is committed to eliminating the barriers faced by underrepresented people of color in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Their programs and research initiatives foster untapped talent for the advancement of our nation.

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