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  1. @essencefest: We are only 2 days away from the BIGGEST Festival of the year! Are you ready for #ESSENCEFEST? http://t.co/DyIoRPJDgj http://t.co/AtwO7nTGha
  2. @essencefest: Other than seeing our #ESSENCEFEST alums @JanetJackson & @Rihanna, these are our fave moments. http://t.co/XHaJQBbsE7 http://t.co/deBhsS9qpQ
  3. @essencefest: Here are the most unforgettable #ESSENCEFEST Eye Candy moments. Ladies, you're welcome. http://t.co/dypfM7FIYM http://t.co/o5CWzX1Cej
  4. @essencefest: #ESSENCEFEST's @AndyAllo is in love with her fro! Find out her definition of #fronatic. http://t.co/BevxJECXxJ http://t.co/zXVUGFFy6I
  5. @essencefest: RT if @KendrickLamar's BET performance got you excited for his #ESSENCEFEST close out show! http://t.co/AvgSpkBPN2 http://t.co/xyRf3SKfeV
  6. @essencefest: Check out the ESSENCE Festival\xae App brought to you by Verizon: http://t.co/y0Eb8k3HIW
  7. @essencefest: We are loving this red hair on #ESSENCEFEST alum @MonicaBrown. Are you feeling this new edge? http://t.co/zQop0FH2g6 http://t.co/r9th151b3R
  8. @essencefest: #ESSENCEFEST alum @Rihanna was literally glowing last night at the #BETAwards. http://t.co/2MjqfvyiPN http://t.co/qmBhnxnOHf

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