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  1. @essencefest: July is just around the corner. Get your tickets to #ESSENCEFest 2015, on sale now! http://t.co/FlKqVTGRfP http://t.co/NUNJWWDNPe
  2. @essencefest: Watch #ESSENCEFest alum Stevie Wonder and Pharrell in Snoop Dogg's new video #CaliforniaRoll. http://t.co/y48KKM3dS6 http://t.co/uVFiwsXhQy
  3. @essencefest: These 5 songs made us fall in love with #ESSENCEFest performer, @Wale! Which is your fave? http://t.co/YntqNjkvNr http://t.co/R30Cy0a8CU
  4. @essencefest: Our girl @sevyn, hard at work answering questions on #essencefest's Facebook page. Ask away: http://t.co/huhcY7aBoI@ http://t.co/iR4Gbdpfk1
  5. @essencefest: RT @sevyn: Facebook Q&A on ESSENCE Festival's Facebook page. Get your questions ready, head to FB and let's talk at 6p/3pst! http://t.co/8Z?
  6. @essencefest: It's time! Head over to our Facebook Q&A and ask question for @sevyn: http://t.co/huhcY7aBoI https://t.co/OTzpzS5Bye
  7. @essencefest: We are praying for #ESSENCEFest alum August Alsina, who's battling a serious eye disease. http://t.co/asDkbhJ0Qn http://t.co/1GbFPbv6lJ
  8. @essencefest: Yes, please ask questions in the comment section! RT @jxggxrs_: @essencefest @sevyn Do we put our questions in the comments of your post?

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