Rev Run's Wife Justine Simmons Has The Perfect Advice For Balancing Being A Girl Boss AND A Supportive Spouse

Photo by Steve Mack
One of Hip Hop's favorite couples shares a few relationship gems during the AT&T "Be The Glow" segment at ESSENCe Fest.

There was plenty of priceless advice dished out at this year's ESSENCE Festival during our daytime Convention Center festivities and one noteworthy gem came courtesy of author and entrepreneur Justine Simmons -- aka Mrs. Rev. Run.

Justine joined her husband on the AT&T Be The Glow stage for a quick conversation with actress Holly Robinson Pete on Sunday afternoon, where the trio discussed a range of different topics. As one of the most beloved celebrity couples in Hip Hop and in general, Mr & Mrs. Simmons certainly know a thing or two about how to keep everything in tact when it comes to marriage.

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When Holly posed the question of what advice Justine would give women about balancing being a supportive wife with being a working woman, she advised young women to make sure your significant other puts a ring on it before -- or if -- you ever think about changing your career goals.

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"Well, number one, when I met my husband, I had like 3 jobs," Justine replied. "Of course, when he met me and we started dating, he just wanted me to stop working. But, I was like, 'No, I have bills and I'm going to keep working until he puts a ring on it.'"

The proud wife and mother also noted the importance of keeping the communication lines open regardless of what people may think of your role in the relationship from the outside looking in.

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"After [we got married], I never wanted to be that woman that was powerful but, would come across as overbearing for him. So, because of that, a lot of people think that I don't have any say, or that I'm a damsel in distress but, they don't understand. He and I talk all the time. A lot of times, the kids will come and ask me a question and I say, 'Ask your father'....even though I know he's still going to come and ask me anyway."

We couldn't agree more! What are your thoughts on Justine's advice?

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