‘Trump is Coming!’ Might Be the Next Big Viral Challenge

Photo by Andrew Harrer
It's like the mannequin challenge, but with more running and screaming

This article originally appeared on TIME.

The latest viral challenge on social media gets political, and begins with a single exclamation: “Trump is coming!”

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Videos are circulating of people shouting and evacuating the premises immediately once someone shouts that President-elect Donald Trump is on his way. If you wanted a glimpse into the teenage reaction to “President Trump,” this sure offers one view. The participants seem like a lot of students who were probably too young to vote, but are old enough to react (or at least have some fun with a camera).

For those who want to take part, the challenge seems simple: just interrupt people going about their daily lives by announcing the presence of the President-elect, and watch them scatter. Screams are optional.

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