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R&B sensations turn their love for music into a soulful career.


[MUSIC] I thought entertaining your way means just be free with who you are. Show your personality. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Isis. And I'm Alex. And we're sing beauty. I play guitar, sing, you write. Yep. I'm also a vocalist. You float. Right? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] How me and Alice just kind of started vibing with each other is the store where we worked had showcases in their basement. She asked if I knew anyone who could play guitar and I was like if you send me the song I could try to learn it. And she sent me a voice memo I was like wow she has a really dope voice like that's crazy. And that was like our first performance. I was like her guitar player. [MUSIC] Like, behind her like, just jam in the back. [MUSIC] Social media, that's the top thing that we use. [MUSIC] And I'm very surprised when. [LAUGH] When we do put things out and people respond to it in a great way and I'm just like wow, this makes me, this pumps us up to do more to this Share more it's like really cool like to actually see like how far you actually reaching out to people. Seeing people like South America or Europe like wow I had no idea like we're reaching people that far. People will actually like sing, like dance, like I'm playing guitar because you play guitar and wow. I never thought just me wanting a guitar will inspire someone else to do that. [MUSIC] Being connected while we're travelling keeps us grounded and it helps us remember where we come from even when we are in the other side of the United States. You know that connections in [UNKNOWN] like never a brother seen each other like really funny DNS, like [UNKNOWN] messages like funny means, like we kinda connect that way also, cuz we don't leave together anymore. So, that's always like special. Also just like staying connected with people who support us like that's what it really, that's what it is about really. Life [UNKNOWN] so we get [UNKNOWN] because I feel like it connects us with our fans more. [MUSIC] I had a headache without a cure, vulnerable and so insecure. Every day I would feel inadequate [MUSIC] [MUSIC]
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