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These sisters are in tune both personally and musically. Get to know them.


Entertainment my way to me it means having the power in my hands and doing things on my terms and when I want to. And I think that's the coolest way to go about life. Doing it when you want to. Not worrying about what any Anybody else says or thinks. Doing it your way. Entertainment your way. [SOUND] Deep down in our hearts, ever since we were little, little girls, we knew that music and entertaining was what we were destined to do. Everyone has a special gift. My name is Chloe. And I'm Halle. And we are musicians, songwriters, producers. Some of our main sources of inspiration, for me, would definitely have to be our experiences through our lives. And I love to people watch. I love to watch People's facial expressions and try to come up with stories in my mind, and try to think what they're thinking, and really show that in our songwriting. We're always sharing stuff with each other. Whenever we see something, I'll write that down really quickly in our notes, or if we hear a melody in our head, we'll like whip out our voice memos and Put it down really quickly and so when we're ready to record we're like, Sassy I got the lyrics. Get on here. I love working with my sister. Because it's like your best friend is right there and we understand each other. So it's easy to be like, I don't like that. [LAUGHS] When my sister and I are Tear it apart. We'll just like video call each other and be like, sis I miss you, come back, [SPEAKER] I know. [SPEAKER] It is very important for my sister and I to stay connected. Not only with each other, but our family as well. And we love to stay connected to our awesome supporters. [SPEAKER] People who support us are truly our friends. That support is like that love. And we all need that. [SPEAKER] My sister and I were so in. That we watched all of the same television shows. We watched together with Reality TV. Yes. that's the easiest we watched. It's like after working all day and you just want that [SOUND] relief, my mind. We just watch it Technology has played such an important role with my sister and I. We taught ourselves how to play instruments and how to product. You can learn anything, that's how we learn, that's how I learned to play guitar. We could have never imagined in our wildest dreams that doing YouTube covers would put us in this position that we're in now, and for that we're extremely grateful. Listen up. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Hi, what I would have to say to someone who is trying to reach their dreams, no matter how many times you fall. Always, always get back up because- When you feel like you're up against a wall, you're most likely just about to break through, so. Yeah. Don't give up. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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