Woman Calls Michelle Obama Ugly And Twitter Claps Back

Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty images
Think twice before coming for FLOTUS or death to your mentions

While the rest of us were in awe of the First Lady’s beauty on the cover of T magazine, a few people decided to criticize her appearance and let’s just say Twitter was having it. 

“I love her but Michelle Obama ain't that cute if we keeping it a buck. That under bite makes me squint,” one Twitter user wrote and set off a swarm of Michelle supporters with some shady (but, much needed) clapbacks of their own. 

Let the clapbacks commence...

And that was only the beginning. Fortunately for her a few words of wisdom also came with the clapbacks....

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Lesson to critics everywhere questioning our First Lady's beauty: think twice before coming for FLOTUS or death to your mentions. 

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