People Want The Rock To Be President So Bad That They’ve Formed An Official Committee

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The Rock 2020? It might happen.

Are you prepared for another celebrity to take office in 2020, because the Oval Office could be in The Rock’s future. 

The Hill reports that an official committee has formed on behalf of the former wrestler and actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. According to Federal Election Commission records, Run the Rock 2020 was filed by a West Virginia resident named Kenton Tilford, it’s unclear what connection he has to The Rock.

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The Rock has half-jokingly mentioned his presidential ambitions in the past. Back in May, he appeared on Saturday Night Live as a buff Obama, standing at a podium labeled “The Rock Johnson 2020.”

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The Rock wouldn’t be the first entertainer to hold the oval office... and definitely not the worst. 

Our current president is a former reality star, who has been accused of several illegalities. And former president Ronald Reagan was an actor before getting into politics, and eventually becoming one of America's most controversial figures. 

So, really, The Rock wouldn't be that crazy of a candidate.

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