When Solange Asks, Fans Deliver...A Mashup Of 'The Wiz' And Kanye West

The internet moves too fast!

The internet never ceases to be the ultimate platform for creativity. Solange Knowles knows this, which is why the singer made a interesting request on Twitter.

"Can somebody make a video collage of the 'bad news' scene from 'The Wiz', to Kanye's 'Bad News' and send it to me please? Thanks," she said.


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And within the hour, someone delivered. 


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"Anything for you my queen," Rona K. Akbari said, delivering The Wiz scene in the backdrop of Kanye's song. "This is blowing my mind," Solange commented. "Especially the first 15 seconds and the instrumental break. man, thank you guys. made my day."

While we're not exactly sure why the "Don't Touch My Hair" singer made the request, it does fall in line with her love of meshing old and new Black art to make fresh goodness.


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On a completely different note, Solange also made a request to Bravo TV to do better with their name titles. "Can somebody give me a side job naming 'RHOA' episodes, cuz they starting to slip a lil bit," she noted on Twitter. 

We can't wait to see Solange perform at the 2017 Essence Festival— find out more here

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