President Obama Tops Off His Term As a Groomsman in His Friend’s Wedding

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Bridal party goals are now on a presidential level. 

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President Obama may be preparing to bid farewell as president, but he has a few official — and unofficial — duties as leader of the free world to finish up first.

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On Saturday, President Obama served as a groomsman at his personal aide and golf partner, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson’s, wedding, The Washington Post reports. Nicholson and his wife Helen Pajcic, who works on policy at at the Department of Education, tied the knot at a private home in Jacksonville, Fla.


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Just as President Obama stood by Nicholson’s side on his wedding day, Nicholson has been there for Obama throughout his tenure. The Post reports that Nicholson helped plan trips for the president and often kept him company by playing golf or cards during flights.

First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t make the trip down to Florida. The president was instead flanked by Secret Service guards who also kept in line with the black-tie attire requirements and wore tuxedoes.

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