Ne-Yo Opens Up About Ditching Hats and Learning to Embrace His Baldness

Everyone, including men, should practice self love. 

Although hats have come to be a part of his signature aesthetic, Ne-Yo has long been hiding a receding hairline underneath them. 

Few can recall a time they’ve ever seen the R&B star without a hat, and the singer has been very vocal about being self conscious of his thinning hairline.

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As self love has become a major theme in 2017, Ne-Yo has decided to embrace the movement by walking confidently without head gear. 

During a recent appearance on The Today Show, he opened up about learning to embrace the skin he’s in and not hiding behind objects or accessories. 

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“My hat has been my crutch for a long time. My hair started thinning… I was allowed to wear my cap in school because I got picked on so much. So after awhile, it just kinda became part of my face, to where I felt naked without it.”

Even as an adult, Ne-Yo found himself being teased about his hair (or lack thereof) by peers, and in the age of social media and memes, that's not easy. 

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Today, he credits becoming a father, marriage and overall maturity as to why he has begun to embrace his bald head.

“I told myself 2017, it’s about self-love, it’s about confidence. It’s about just living in who you are and loving it.” Now that's a message worth spreading! 

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