Mike Epps’ Granddaughter Makes Comedy Stage Debut, Gets More Laughs Than Grandpa

Photo by Instagram/ @eppsie
The comedian’s granddaughter Skylar hit the stage at the Atlanta Comedy Theater to share a hilarious knock knock joke.

When it comes to making people laugh, comedian Mike Epps’ granddaughter Skylar is the real MVP.

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Epps, who’s currently on a summer comedy tour, was performing at the Atlanta Comedy Theater on Sunday night when he allowed his granddaughter to come up on stage to tell a joke. After Skylar told a funny knock-knock, the crowd exploded into laughter.

Epps took to his Instagram to share the moment, and also express that his granddaughter got more laughs than him. “Promised my grand baby she could go up and do some time on stage. How TF she get more laughs than me and do u know she had the nerve to ask how much she get paid #youdid2seconds #startinoffyoung

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Before the show, Epps also posted this adorable video of his granddaughter practicing the joke before she hit the stage.

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Looks like Skylar may be following in her grandpa’s footsteps!

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