Leslie Jones Mocks Her Hackers Again, This Time With The Help Of 'Mr. Robot'

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It seems Leslie Jones has bounced back from this summer's horrifying hack and is tackling the incident with humor.

You can't keep Leslie Jones down!

The Saturday Night Live actress was the victim of a horrifying hack this summer that made her personal information and nude photos available to the public. But Jones has bounced back from the terrible incident and is tackling it with humor.

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On SNL, the comedian appeared in a spoof of Mr. Robot, where she enlisted Elliot and his crew to help her track down the hackers who leaked her information.

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"You need to help me find out who hacked my pics ... who got all my little nasties," she tells Elliot, played by Pete Davidson, in a cafe. Jones follows Elliot to society's Coney Island hangout, plays skeeball, and asks "You do know Windows 95, right?"

Eventually, Elliot reveals that the hacker behind Jones' leaked photos is...Leslie. "

Who is this bitch?" she asks Elliot as he hands over the photo, before realizing it's her. Turns out Jones had just backed up her photos to her website.

"I don’t know how you did it. It’s actually really hard to do," Elliot says. 

You can check out the hilarious clip below.


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