Daddy Duties: Lance Gross' Daughter Is All Smiles At The Doctor's Office

Photo by Instagram
Looks like someone isn't getting a shot today!

We can never get enough of Lance Gross and his adorable daughter, Berkeley Brynn.

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The pair are regularly on his Instagram account being precious, and a recent photo is nothing short of this.

"Check-up time," he captioned the photo of him and Berkeley at the doctor's office. "[Turtle] is excited to see Dr. Whitman! More excited she not getting a shot today..."

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The daddy-daughter duo share the same gorgeous smiles, as she's dressed in her patient robe. 

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“I came up with it,” Gross told HipHollywood about his daughter's nickname Turtle. “She took a picture and she looked like a little turtle to me, so I was like you know what I’mma start calling her Turtle, and it kind of caught on, like my wife liked it, she answers to it now.”

Gross is set to star in TVOne's When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story directed by Tasha Smith.

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