Watch Keke Palmer Teach Conan O'Brien How To Move Them Cheeks

Photo by Team Coco/YouTube
The 'Scream Queens' actress showed Conan how to isolate his butt cheeks. It was a struggle. 

If you follow Keke Palmer on social media, then you know that the Scream Queens actress is quite the character.

Her pages are full of hilarious videos, advice, and flawless selfies. In a recent appearance on Conan, the host mentioned Palmer's videos, one in particular where she isolates her butt cheeks to the beat of a song. Of course, this led to Palmer giving Conan O'Brien a crash course in cheek isolation.

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First she shows the host how to do it, apologizing to her mom for what she's about to see. Then O'Brien hops up on his desk to give it his best shot.

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"I can't...I have no ass to speak of," Conan says as he struggles to get those cheeks moving. Despite his inability to get that butt jumping, Palmer still gave the host an "A for effort." "

A for effort? That's horrible," Conan told Palmer. "I honestly don't understand how you do that. That's amazing."

Conan may not be the best at getting that butt moving, but watching Keke giving the late night host a lesson in booty cheek isolation was pretty funny. You can see the full clip below

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