Drake Continues to Be A Nice Guy By Not Pressing Charges Against Fan Who Trespassed

The rapper is showing mercy on the young girl who drank up the soda and water in his house. 

We'd like to think Drake is a pretty stand-up guy, so his recent decision not to send a fan to jail comes as no surprise.

Earlier this week a Pennsylvania woman broke into his home, but instead of stealing jewelry or money, she drank. As authorities reported, the young lady put on one of the rapper's hoodies and drank a Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water.

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She was found by one of Drake's friends, who called the police.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Drake will not press charges against the girl. They say his attorney contacted the Los Angeles County district attorney to let them know he would not be filing charges. 

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Drake believes the woman has mental issues and thinks it would be cruel to make her a felon and send her to prison for the April 3 incident where no one was hurt, the celebrity news site reports. 

We guess it's safe to say Drake is here for real criminal justice reform. 

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