Lauren London Praise Outshines Fat-Shaming On Twitter After Flawless Photo Surfaces

Photo by Unique Nicole
Instead of fat-shaming, these fans embraced a happy and healthy looking Lauren London. 

Last September, Lauren London surprised the world when she announced that her and partner, Nipsey Hussle welcomed a baby boy. The couple have been together for a couple years now and always kept their relationship low key.

"And then came You," she said on Instagram. "Last week I gave birth to a beautiful healthy happy baby boy. Blessed."

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Quiet about the pregnancy, no one had seen Lauren in paparazzi photos for a while until Monday night, when the 32-year-old actress was spotted with her man at a Los Angeles Lakers game. We noticed what appears to be an engagement ring, but social media noticed her slightly fuller appearance.

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Right on cue came the trolls.

Fortunately, the loudest voices were the ones affirming the mother-of-two, who most importantly looked healthy and happy.

In addition to sharing their new baby boy, Lauren has a son with rapper, Lil Wayne and Nipsey has a daughter from a previous relationship.

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