5 Beauty Moments From 'Cranes In The Sky' That We Can't Stop Replaying

Photo by YouTube
The picture-esque clip, co-directed by Knowles and husband Alan Ferguson, is a feast for the eyes.

Unless you live under a rock, you've seen Solange's breathtaking video for "Cranes In The Sky."

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Although her highly anticipated LP, A Seat At The Table, was just released on September 30, the mid-tempo song has already emerged as a fan favorite, making the video even more exciting to watch. 

As expected, the picture-esque clip, co-directed by Knowles and husband Alan Ferguson, is a feast for the eyes, with sprawling landscapes, vibrant ensembles and waves of beautiful black women. 

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It's hard to turn your eyes away from a visual stacked with so many beauty moments, so instead of trying to wean ourselves off the Internet's latest obsession, we're recapping the looks we can't stop replaying. 

From the moment we pressed play, Solange's gorgeous mug, adorned in minimal makeup, captured our full attention. This effortless moment made for the perfect pre-cursor to the rest of the video. And the pale pink jacket cannot be ignored. It's perfection. 

It also seems Solo's monochromatic fashion informed her beauty choices, which always matched the outfit in each scene.Up until this moment, lavender wasn't on our list of must-try colors for fall. Now that we've seen the ultimate cool girl rock it, we've mustered up enough courage to do the same. 

Once we got over the fact that these ladies were slaying in outfits made of leaves, our gaze fixed on their makeup, a blend of earthy tones that any beauty girl can appreciate. Their gold jewelry is the perfect accent to an overall neutral aesthetic. 

The juxtaposition of each woman's lavender makeup with their beige ensembles is an unexpected match made in heaven. This is beauty perfection personified. 

We will gladly print this moment, place it inside a picture frame and hang it on our bedroom walls. Beyond the beautiful makeup and spectrum of hair textures, it's encouraging to see a group of black women embracing one another and moving in sync. If this isn't #blackgirlmagic, we don't know what is.

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