ESSENCE is the preeminent lifestyle magazine for African American women. For 42 years, we have delivered cutting edge information on health and relationships, personal finance and careers, arts and entertainment, world news, food, fitness, fashion and beauty as well as the personal challenges and achievements of Black women. We give our more than eight million readers all the information they need and want-from their perspective and in their own voice.

Yet ESSENCE is more than a magazine. Black women look to us to help them enhance and transform their lives. The information that ESSENCE provides is life-changing: Black women are empowered and, in the process, they advance not only their individual lives but also the quality of life for others. For all these reasons, ESSENCE has evolved into an institution that embodies the hopes and aspirations of Black women.





Each month, ESSENCE provides a diverse array of articles that offer an in-depth look at issues of particular importance to African-American women. Our features cover love and family relationships, fashion, beauty, entertainment, finance, career issues, personal growth and healthy living as well as investigative journalism covering stories that highlight community issues and news events. Each month we also feature SPOTLIGHT, a profile of an iconic African-American celebrity.



Each month the BEAUTY section offers the latest in hairstyles, hair care, skin care, makeup and fragrances-and provides tips that enhance and simplify the lives of ESSENCE readers. We want to help Black women feel as beautiful as they are.


The FASHION pages celebrate and support the African American woman's undeniable fashion sense. We report on trends in clothing and accessories, offer news about designers and perfect fit and feature makeovers and solutions to style questions.

CULTURE covers the latest and hottest in music, movies, television, theater, dance and art. It includes intimate conversations with notable entertainers and artists, and our arts and entertainment editors' authoritative picks of the must-see, view, do and download releases and events of the month.

The BOOKS section is a favorite among our literature-loving readers. The section showcases new works by African American authors and includes our exclusive Booklist-a monthly list of best-selling Black books. The ESSENCE Book Club Recommended Read Program identifies exciting works-both the newly-published and classics-and offers avid readers an opportunity to connect through an online book club.

In WORK & WEALTH, we present essential advice and information on personal finance, wealth building and career coaching. Stories explore how inspiring women have broken into unexpected professions or made their first profits as entrepreneurs, as well as share tips for the woman who wants to follow in those successful footsteps. The section also includes Your Money and Money Makeover, with information on saving money, eliminating debt and investing in the future, as well as Woman on Top, a feature on successful Black executives and entrepreneurs who share sound career and mentoring advice.

HEALTHY LIVING focuses on the total well-being of Black women and their families. The section offers insights on healthy living, including thoughtful reports on wellness, health news, fitness and weight management, as well as articles on emotional and spiritual health. It's here that our food pages serve up delicious meal suggestions as well.

RELATIONSHIPS gets to the heart of those challenges African-American couples face in building more perfect unions. It offers advice from experts and readers on getting beyond the obstacles in order to enjoy healthy, loving relationships. The section includes Single Man of the Month, Dating Guide and What Men Think-all dedicated to providing sister-friendly tips to getting good love.

OUR NEWS is an upbeat front-of-book section that offers information about women in the news, political updates, national and international news briefs and calls to action on issues affecting Black people. It includes What Matters: Ten Things We're Talking About, where we discuss those issues of importance to the Black community and Obama Watch, our vigilant coverage of the Obama administration.



GET LIFTED is a challenging and inspirational editorial by Bishop T.D. Jakes, founder of The Potter's House in Dallas. Each month Bishop Jakes encourages ESSENCE readers to find ways to take the best care of their spiritual selves.

ON HIS MIND offers African-American men a platform to explore intimate relationship issues-some surprising, all uniquely personal-that come with being Black and male.


Other important pages include:

    • HOROSCOPE-Never-miss astrological advice.

  • NOTICE!-Advertiser events and ESSENCE signature events.