Can You Guess En Vogue's Original Name?

Photo by Mick Hutson
The ladies behind iconic hits like "Free Your Mind" initially had a different name for the group. And they're glad they didn't use it.  

Could you imagine En Vogue going by any other name? Well, the ladies of the legendary group did for a brief period. 

The ladies opened up about their original name on Oprah: Where Are They Now and Cindy Herron reveals that the initial name for the group was just two characters.

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"4 U." Yep. That was it. Just "4 U." 

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Herron and original member Terry Ellis add that they eventually came up with En Vogue, which better suited the direction they were going in.

"As our music started to develop and we were writing, we started to really see the vision, we thought ‘En Vogue’ best suited who we were and what we were trying to be."

Both ladies agreed that En Vogue was the better choice and they're relieved it came to them.

"4 U? No... I’m so glad we didn’t go with that," said Herron. 

Hmmm, 4 U just doesn't have the same vibe as En Vogue.

We think the ladies made the right call, do you?

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